What is the Best Age to Start Roller Skating?

What is the Best Age to Start Roller Skating?

If you want your child to learn skating or your kid shows interest in it, then do not wait for the right time to find the best age to start roller skating! The necessary skills for skating include strength, balance, and presence of mind to handle obstacles. Most importantly, making the right judgment to do it safely for everyone.

So it might be possible that your kid will need much time to learn and practice all the above before becoming a good skater. Many professional ice, roller, or inline skaters who are today’s world-class competitors had started skating at an early age. It is all about the good practice that can make your child a pro skater.

A big advantage is that the roller skater can burn nearly 650 calories every hour and use about 80% of the body’s muscles with pleasure. So, it offers many benefits for sure to your growing kids. The sport is easier to learn and inexpensive to get professionally trained.

Why should your children start roller skating early?

It is undoubtedly a good idea to learn to move on wheels early or from childhood. Kids skating can help avoid any inhibition and save time to become a pro at the right age.

Children do not generally think much in advance or have any fear of falling while learning the staking. It is usually seen that kids are more interested in skating at an earlier age due to this sport’s different playful aspects.

From an early age, kids continuously learn to work on their muscle systems and changes in bodies. They became more aware of their postures with their refining movements. The motor skills development can vary from one kid to another.

It needs a lot of practice and the right skill sets to master any sports. So putting efforts into learning the basics of skating techniques at an earlier age will help get much more instinctively and in less time.

It is a fact that kids can learn faster, with less apprehension than adults in typical scenarios. After all, kids are generally more prone to discover new activities or curious to know or learn about anything new.


When can children start Roller Skating?

There is no rule about the right age to start learning the skills required for kids skating. It is all about balancing your body on wheels. One can do it by keeping your back straight, knees bend, head in high position till you feel comfortable to move and do other activities on skates.

No doubt kids need to start walking before moving on skates. It does not matter if you currently are of 4 or 90 years of age. If you can, then you will! It is recommended that a child of age below three years should avoid learning skating.

A three-year-old child generally does not own much attention span, coordination, and motor skills. Following are some parameters based on which you can identify whether your child is ready to learn kids roller skating or not;

– Level of activity in different areas.

– Level of coordination.

– Level of Stamina and Physical strength.

– Level of Balancing in Everyday activities.

– Level of attention span or Maturity.

There might be higher chances that your kid might get bored with skating after some days or months. In any condition, do not force the child to practice or impose any related obligation.

So, the parents must not dominate their children to show their interest in skating. Instead, they must wait for the right time when their kids will show interest in getting encouraged for the skating.

Also, never discourage a child if he or she finds it hard to stay on wheels under their feet for a long time or lose their balance sooner! A kid should be ready to take the challenge of moving backward with a smile on the face or enough confidence.

Why should your child start kids roller skating at the right age?

Many people start learning roller skating at the age of 20s. So, the chances are that it will take more time for them to master the skills than at an early age. The personal interest of a child towards sports also matters the most.

You might be still confused about your kid’s right age or time to gift him/her the pair of skates. In this case, the essential condition for their eligibility is that the child should be able to walk well.

School-going children of about five to six years of age can learn the kids skating well. However, they lack enough stamina and strength that they need to learn and grow with time. Many parents generally want to send their child to some beginner classes before participating with others in public.

Kids will reinforce the knowledge and grow with the daily practice contributing much to their learning process. It does not matter whether it can be once, twice, or thrice a week. A slow start is also an excellent approach to gain the required skillsets for skating with pleasure.

There are generally two kids of skates available in the market for kids, namely Quads and Inlines. It is best to start with older options offering more stability, i.e., quads, instead of learning the necessary skills on Rollerblades.

How to engage your Child at the best age to Start Roller Skating?

A good start needs well planning and inspection of the equipment to be used. So, the skates must be serviced, maintained, or checked regularly. It is to ensure their boots, wheels, and stopper are in good condition.

For a start, chunky or oversized wheels work best for the beginners or kids to get help in staying upright on them. Many kids roller skates made of plastic are available in the market to keep their foot light enough to manage well on skates.

You can let your child learn skating while holding your hands or taking the support of anything else. It can be a wall until they gain enough confidence to do it without any help. A kid should know how to land on the ground or any other surface after a fall to avoid any significant injury during skating activities.

It is a kind of sport where you need to learn to balance your body on wheels. It has to be done with only one foot touching the ground at a time by switching one with another till you are standing still or moving too slow.

In kids skating, a child also learns about how important it is to avoid obstacles, hills. A skater needs to take care of the collision with other skaters, uneven surfaces, and roadway traffic to help much in learning driving.

You can also take the coach or an instructor’s help to get a better idea of buying the right used or new inline skating equipment. It will help much, especially if you plan to admit your child on roller skates private lesson training or group skating classes.

The body’s point of balance will be affected by every 10 pounds gained or lost from our body. So if your child’s health is regularly changing with time, he or she needs regular practice to balance well on the wheels underfoot.


A child needs to have the right precocious and interest in skating. He or She should also follow the safety rules and directions while performing this sport. It is best to supervise a learning kid’s skating activities under ten years of age by an adult or an expert to avoid any injury or accident.

You might be among the parents who do not ever try skating, but your child is enthusiastic about the same. If yes, then you can also find any sports academy or skating group nearby. So if you are not confident enough, then your kid can learn better through professional practice classes.

Many professional skating groups organize some minutes of mini-lessons both for the kids and parents. The sessions are for games & fun as pre and post-learning segments. Your child must be having the right skating equipment of good quality with a high level of wheel set-up, durability, and support.

Today you can also find a good range of affordable adjustable inline skates available for children. You can change the size of these skates to fit the needs of the growing child.

We should never forget to adopt all the essential things before kids roller skating to prefer to use suitable quality gears or equipment. It is mandatory for all, considering either beginner, kid, adult, teenager, or even a professional. After all, health and safety should be of a high priority than anything else.

So never hesitate or limit your budget in providing your learning child with a good set of skating gears. The kit includes a helmet, elbow guards, knee guards, wrist guards, and more. It is to consider to ensure his/her wellbeing as much as possible while learning or mastering the sport.

There are many protective measures to prevent scratches and bruises during skating, both for kids and adults. Anyways, if a skater is always having a fear of falling, then it is difficult for him or her to come out of the shell and feel comfortable sliding on wheels. We all heard, ‘No Pain No Gain’!

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