What do You Wear for Roller Skating?

Roller skating is popularly known as a fun leisure activity. And in recent times, Tik Tok videos have attracted roller skate sales. But what comes across as a more appealing question in this equation, is the unique fashion trend. That is to say, when it comes to what to wear when skating, roller skating protective gear is not the only thing one must be particular about. The dressing part also plays a pivotal role. 

In this guide, I’ll walk you through what you should (and should not) wear while roller skating. This will include the roller skating protective gear as well as the right outfits. So, if you have rolling skating weekend plans with your friends and family, then this post is precisely for you.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Roller Skating Outfit

As much as people emphasize on wearing the right protective gear when going out for skating, it is equally important that you choose the right outfit. Having proper outfits ensure that your skating experience goes smooth and of course, fall-free!

Here are a few factors that you must consider when picking your skating outfit.

  • Comfort

Comfort is always first in line when it comes to determining skating outfits. The right choice of outfit must be something that you are comfortable wearing. This not only makes your learning experience easier but will contribute to making the overall experience super fun. That is to say, something that you easily wear translates to a good skating experience without feeling too itchy or suffocated.

Above all, if you are a beginner learning skating stunts and tricks, comfort will definitely come into play. Thus, helping you pull off your stunt swiftly and smoothly. And you surely don’t want to struggle with your outfits right when you are struggling to handle the new tricks.

  • Flexibility and Confidence

Go for outfits that aren’t tight around your moveable joints because flexibility is the key to your skating performance. Therefore, when deciding your skating outfit, you must choose something that resonates with your fashion sense and suits your body type at the same time. This way, you will feel more flexible and confident, even if you are skating for the very first time. After all, confidence is all you need here!

  • Safety

Safety is another crucial factor when deciding what to wear to roller skating. So, you must never go out for skating without checking all your safety gear. And again, safety gear will fit well only if you wear the right outfit, a flowy dress won’t do you any good but will only hinder your chance to stay safe when skating.

  • Speed

Skating speed concerns all because this is that one thing that makes you stand out amongst the skating squad. However, you cannot improve your speed until and unless you are dressed right. Don’t accessorize yourself with unnecessary items. Therefore, wear a clean and composed outfit so that when you are skating, there’s nothing that drags you back. After all, great skaters always look effortless with their skating because their speed is uninterrupted by their choice of trusted outfit.


What to Wear When Roller Skating? 

Your pre-skating getting ready part is divided into two parts:

1. The Right Protective Gear for Skating

Always wear safety gear whenever you go out for skating. It doesn’t matter if you are going out to skate for the first time or you are a pro, participating in a skating championship, protective gear is always a good idea. This is so because, with the right skating gear, you can skate with confidence. And with this idea of not hurting yourself when falling boosts your confidence further, making you learn at a better pace without the fear of falling.

We suggest that your skating wardrobe includes the following safety gear because obviously, you cannot risk having an injury,

  • Helmet

Helmets qualify as an important piece of safety. This why there a number of helmet styles available. But it would help if you used a helmet that is specifically designed for inline skating. These helmets come down towards the lower back, giving full coverage to the base skull as well for improved protection. In addition to this, be sure to check the fitness of the helmet before you purchase one. So, get one that fits your head perfectly without being too tight or too loose. The best way to check a helmet is to fasten the straps and move your head in all directions to check the fitness.

  • Skates

Of course, you cannot skate without a pair of skates. But they should be comfortable and must provide good ankle support. To check this, check if the boot material is squeezable if it is then it indicates that the boot will not provide firm support.

  • Knee and Elbow Pads

Next essential protective gears for roller skating are knee and elbow pads. These protective pads are perceived to be a smart choice for outdoor skating. So be sure to protect your fragile joints from hard falls in the skating rink.

  • Mouthguard

A mouthguard is used to provide a protective covering to your teeth and mouth. To explain it further, it is quite common for skaters to fall off on their face, and to eliminate any chances of breaking the teeth. And thus, a mouthguard is a perfect protective gear.

  • Gloves

A pair of light gloves is always a good investment as it helps to keep your fingers safer from any rash in case of crashing or falling.


2. The Right Outfit for Skating 


Now that protective gears are checked from the list, and we shall proceed with your suitable skating outfit. That is to say, and a trusty outfit is all you need to sport a laid-back style for your weekend skating.

  • Socks

Socks are famous for preventing wear and tear when skating. And thus, is a wardrobe essential when it comes to roller skating. Moreover, the interior of skates is already home to moisture and odor from constant movement. So, if you decide not to wear socks, you can only imagine how gross your feet would smell once you take off the skates. In addition to this, the visual effect of colourful socks is something your Instagram photograph would need.

Above all, the right pair of socks also fit your skates well, saving you from falling. This, in turn, will make your skating experience a whole lot better – decide wisely!

  • Denim

You can never go wrong with casual denim when skating. From slim fit to mom fit, denim jeans are always a popular pick when it comes to skating outfits. But you must be mindful of the styles that will offer comfort and are stretchy and durable. Because without comfort, you won’t be able to skate properly. In addition to this, if the jeans are engineered with sweatproof technology, then it’s a bonus.

  • Leggings

Apart from denim jeans, leggings also qualify as a suitable option. And since leggings go with almost any top, you can mix and match to create new styles without spending too much. Above all, the stretchy fabric of leggings gives a body-hugging fit, allowing you to flaunt your curves when skating in style. · Skate Shorts A pair of skate shorts is another cook pick for summertime. These shorts are a well-loved pick amongst skaters because of their ultra-comfy and super airy fabric. The best pair of skater shorts must have a knee-length. So, pick your favourite textures and patterns, and skate your way a fun weekend.

  • Tees and Tank Tops

Oversized tee shirts complement any style of bottoms you wish to pair them with. All you have to be sure of is the comfort level your top offers. And the rest can be altered accordingly. Tie n Dye tees are a popular trend these days.


How to Choose the right Roller Skating Outfit? 

The right roller skating outfit can be a challenging search at times. But not if you know the factors that account for it.

· Purpose – firstly, you must know how often do you skate? And whether you skate for fun taking it as a leisure activity or you plan to practice it seriously.

· Fabric Durability – obviously you wouldn’t want to invest in an outfit that cannot withstand rough patches and wear and tear. So, when buying, take into account the durability of the outfit first.

· Budget Bracket – consider your budget before planning out what to buy. For cheaper options, you can check out thrift stores near you.



What to wear when roller skating? Now that we have tarversed through all options and styling tips, you indeed have the answer to this question. As long as you are comfortable and your skating outfit offers enough flexibility to skate, you have made the right choice. Just be sure to be as creative as you can be when pairing your outfit together. Go for neon prints for a retro vibe. But above all,  you must not forget to wear the recommended protective gear for skating, as it will ensure a safe and enthralling skating experience for you.

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