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Reasons your Kid should start Roller Skating

Roller skating is an enjoyable sport. Teaching your children how to skate and having them learn it as kids can be a fun experience for both parents and children. Roller skating as a kid can develop a number of healthy habits and characteristics. Starting from a young age can foster a liking for roller skating in your child which may magnify it into greater love, it is possible that your child starts loving it so much that they would like to pursue it as a career in the future. Be it for professional reasons or just a light fun sport, either way starting from a young age is a good option.

Buying your children their first wheels ever. Teaching them how to use it, pushing them from one side, and catching them from the other. Giving them a feeling of flying with wheels under their feet. Watching them fall over and over and then witnessing the moment when they develop control. Making all the sweet memories and strengthening your bond with your children. It’s all worth it. Moreover, when they finally learn how to skate you can go skating together, yet another activity to do on family trips.

1、Builds physical endurance in your child

As we all know roller skating is a great aerobic exercise with numerous health benefits. Roller skating builds physical endurance in your child. It regulates your child’s heart rate pumping, strengthens muscle endurance at a young age. Not to forget the regulation of the cardiovascular system which helps the body to utilize energy efficiently. Skating benefits the whole body, that is why skaters have all toned up bodies, it works on your lower and upper body, helps to flex and tones up leg muscles, it makes the ankle muscles and tendons stronger, and helps stabilize Achilles tendons as ankles do a lot of work while skating. If the kid wants to take up this sport as a career then training and shaping up your body from a young age will be very helpful for the future. Even if it is not for professional purposes the physical endurance will benefit the child through his adolescence and adult years.

It is a good replacement for a workout or exercise, your child will stay active and healthy without thinking of it as a burden. It also improves balance and coordination. All these characteristics will be taken up a notch every time your child practices.

2、A great way to boost cognitive functionBrain Development

Studies have proven that exercising is a great way to boost cognitive function. Roller skating is one of the most fun ways of exercising. It surely can be boring for a kid to follow an exercise routine but when it is done on wheels it won’t be boring in the slightest. It will develop cognitive skills in your child, roller skating involves a lot of focus and decision-making skills regarding the control of speed and agility. This improves concentration and productivity in your kid. The most interesting part is that your kid will develop and grow both mentally and physically without any strenuous workout or exhausting brain teasers.

3、Regulate andlighten their moods

Teenage kids go through mood swings and hormonal changes which make them sensitive and easily irritated. Roller skating can help with that as well. It can regulate and lighten their moods by releasing endorphins hormones. It is shown that exercising produces endorphin hormones and reduces stress levels and frustration hence brightening up your kid’s mood.

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4. Healthy Sport

Roller skating is a healthy sport for kids especially nowadays. In this age of technology, everything starts and ends on your mobile screen. Kids these days are more invested in playing video games instead of going out and play physical sports. This unhealthy obsession with e-sports keeps them from getting any sunlight and their lifestyle becomes stationary. Parents should introduce and encourage their kids to enjoy outdoor sports before they get too addicted and dependant on mobile phones for entertainment. Roller skating does not only involves physical movement but also discipline and focus which will be helpful for your kids in the future.

5. Character Development

Learning how to skate and holding competitions with family, friends, or at school is a fun experience. Winning and losing both are parts of a game. Accepting defeat with a smiling face is what promotes sportsmanship in a person. Making your kids go through all these important steps of life makes them grow and improve themselves as human beings. Playing sports can make them learn something new every day. Roller skating involves focus, where to speed up, where to slow down, how to take a turn. Kids being able to focus on something is remarkable as many may adults lack this ability, mastering this ability is a key factor to being successful.

Roller skating can make kids capable of coordination. Have skating competitions with your kids, the default desire to win in every person can make them competitive in many other areas of life as well.

Roller skating ( or Inline skates) is a passionate and all-time game that several people adopt not only as a game but also as a hobby. 

Having a number of skills in your hand never hurts anyone but it only makes your personality more attractive. Every parent wants the best for their children, they want to train them to be the best versions of themselves, and make them learn as many skills as possible. However, the goal of teaching your kids how to skate may be to make them learn a skill but the biggest perk of it all is making good memories to look back at.


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