Wild Poise Rollerskates


 Sizes: EU 39-42

US: 2-5 Business Days

Sizes: EU 35-38

US: 7-15 Business Days




Design concept:

You will definitely feel the difference when opting Leopard Gray Leather Roller Skates by sunny skates because they cater you with unique leopard print design along with smooth rides.

With high-end components and robust features, sunny delivers all in one package. Leather boots will last longer and provide a snuggly fit to feet.

After practicing in these iconic skates you’ll feel like you’re floating on air and skating among the clouds.

With a vibrant, retro-style you will surprise everyone and conquer the rink with confidence.

Our skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.



Fabric: Grey PVC leather + printing

Inside: Gray velvet inside

Outsole: Woodgrain painted PVC outsole.

Base & support: Black/high strength PP

Shock absorber: Black PVC material

Wheel: PU perfusion 54 * 32MM/ green

Bearing: ABEC-5 carbon steel

Brake head: Green PVC brake head.

Shoelaces: Flat green

13 reviews for Wild Poise Rollerskates

  1. Tamara

    Skates were really pretty , they were just too heavy for me.

  2. Courtney hillyer

    I received these as a graduation gift and the timing couldn’t be better with the nation having to stay home. I use these skates to practice in our garage and I plan to purchase more in different colors/styles.

  3. Bryant Kelley

    These skates are super comfortable. They fit like a glove and I can skate very smoothly in them.

  4. Eleven

    Fast delivery great price…
    skates fit my shoe size!! Thank you!!

  5. James G. Dangelo

    my wife loved her skates we go skating every weekend now we recommend this skates to everyone

  6. Christine

    I love them! Fits great and true to size. Comfy boot. I was able to wear thicker socks w/o my toes hurting. I skated on asphalt at the park, and I found these to be smooth and ready to go a lot faster than I was prepared for. Brakes work well, thankfully. I only plan to use these outdoors so if you are shopping for a recreational outdoor fun rollerskate experience, I recommend these skates. Have fun!

  7. Jovan Manojlovic

    These are very comfortable and fairly quick-rolling skates. I’ve been skating for 30 years but until these, always rented them. I’m amazed at the difference and at how much easier it is to fly around the rink. I did find that the combination of smooth bearings, smooth wheels and a nice rink did create an issue in that I was able to roll much faster on a turn and the wheels slid out so fast that I was on the floor with a broken wrist in an instant but yep, my fault. I had a blast with these skates and will continue to do so. All of the good reviews I read that helped me to buy them were right, great skates overall.

  8. Christa S.

    Very comfortable, and sturdy. They have a little stretch, but mostly firm which I don’t mind…I prefer the added feel of ankle support. Very pleased with this purchase.

  9. Annabelle

    I’m super glad I purchased these!!! Really comfortable. These run true to size no need to size down.

  10. Abigail Smith

    I haven’t received the goods for a long time at first.I was encouraged by the company’s responsiveness to the complaints that had been filed. Rest assured, while they may have the occasional customer service issues like any other company, this company is not a scam. I ordered my skates and I received an email confirmation and my shipping confirmation on the next business day, as had been promised on the website. The skates arrived on time and are very cute and comfortable. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

  11. Donotela Ramirez

    These are perfect beginner skates! They are super comfy and the wheels spin perfectly. Just adjust the trucks and you’re ready to go!

  12. Princess Mia

    I read reviews saying to upsize and definitely do so! Im so glad i did i usually wear a 8 in women’s but i got a 9. It’s kinda confusing because its “unisex”. They have amazing ankle support which was exactly what i was looking for. They look really good I’m excited to wear my own skates to the rink again! I’m so happy with them they are everything i wanted!!

  13. micaela (verified owner)

    i didn’t know if this site was legit but it is!!! they took a little while to ship and arrive but they got here and are pretty good skates. definitely not outdoor wheels – i put bont BPM 78A wheels on when I want to skate on rough surfaces. but these wheels are good for the rink or other smooth surfaces. the hostess at our local rink asked if these were moxis LOL!

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