SUNNYSKATE Snakeskin Pattern Dark Brown Leather Roller Skates

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Design concept:

You will get fashion and comfort in a bucket while opting these trendy snakeskin pattern dark brown leather roller skates from SUNNYSKATE.

Taking inspiration from wildlife, these visually striking skates gives you a relaxing feel. Featuring with metallic buttons till padded collar, you will see the difference.

It offers comfortable and smooth rides for long sessions while skating indoor or outdoor.

Our skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.



Color: Dark Brown

Style: Unflash Wheel

Upper material: PVC Leather With Printing

Liner material: Breathable Velvet With Foam Padding

Wheel material: PU Wheel

Wheel diameter: 54*32mm

Bearing material: ABEC-3 Carbon

Baseplate material: High Strength PP Baseplate

Brake stopper material: Rubber Brake

Cushion material: PVC Cushion

Applicable people: Male & Female & Children

7 reviews for SUNNYSKATE Snakeskin Pattern Dark Brown Leather Roller Skates

  1. CatLady

    Love my skates. Their comfortable and great first time skates!

  2. Christina K

    The upper boot is flexible so it is easy to lean and bend your ankle while at the same time providing support. These are for a beginning skater who found the footbed to be very comfortable. The wheels are very nice and turn smoothly.

  3. Chris

    I was looking through roller skates that were cute and affordable and these were a match. I love these skates becaue they are fashionable and comfortable. I have gotten tons of compliments from these skates. They are also so comfortable to use while skating. I would recommend for beginners like myself!

  4. Mandy

    I was so pressed I didn’t even take them out of the plastic and box before I tried them on these skates are true to size. it feels comfortable. Shipping quoted me April.25th – 28th and they arrived on April. 20th so I was beyond excited when they arrived at my door earlier than expected overall very nice, comfortable, and sturdy skates. If you’re thinking about purchasing them you should! Very satisfied customer. Oh, and they also advised that you should try your new skates indoors or on carpet first as a heads up/courtesy for the customer which I also think was nice of them When I get a chance.

  5. Alex

    I bought these roller skates. First I must say, I have a pair of beautiful glitter skates that are eye catching. How does something so plain look so good? These skates are a must have! He said they are comfortable and he felt like a teenager again. Our children ride their bikes while we skate. Our daughter has training wheels so it is worked out perfectly. It is also a form of exercise. He did not try it in a skating rink. We skate on road and sidewalk. He said he doesn’t feel the lumps and bumps from the cement. It seems worth the investment.

  6. Nancy

    My daughter really enjoys the look of these skates, and the size adjustment is fantastic and easy to use!

  7. Peter

    My kids love these skates. With the soft boot the kids said they were comfortable right out of the box but they seem to be sturdy enough for the as well.

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