Laser Leather Roller Skates SUNNYSKATE Silver




Design concept:

Everyone in town knows about your skating skills but this time mesmerize them with sunny silver laser leather roller skates. With premium feature these stunning booties give you a perfect look of white fairy angel.

White-purple- hued, glam finish creates a fairy image in viewer’s eyes and sure they will appreciate it. They are 100% made for adults and perfect grip offers a smooth ride.

Not only from outside but from inside, breathable velvet with foam padding has offered a relaxation sound.

Our Laser Leather Roller Skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.



Color: Silver

Style: Unflash Wheel

Upper material: Laser Leather

Liner material: Breathable Velvet With Foam Padding

Wheel material: PU Wheel

Wheel diameter: 54*32mm

Bearing material: ABEC-5

Baseplate material: High Strength PP Baseplate

Brake stopper material: PU Brake

Cushion material: PVC Cushion

Applicable people: Male & Female & Children

2 reviews for Laser Leather Roller Skates SUNNYSKATE Silver

  1. Candace

    They are comfortable and are really good for an indoor rink. Have not tried outside yet but will this spring. Can’t wait. Color is pretty.

  2. Emma

    Wow! These are super cute. I put them on and skated in my basement. The wheels were a little stiff for the first few minutes and then warmed up beautifully. They are much better than the ones I was renting at the roller rink. These are perfect skates, and I highly recommend them!!!

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