SUNNYSKATE Pink-Blue Laser Leather Roller Skates

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Design concept:

For those beautiful babes who want to look fashionable and stylish when skating in a neighborhood or rink. SUNNYSKATE brings fashionable, high-top laser leather quad roller skates that will help you to growl on roads with power.

Our designer keeps in mind that you should look pretty and noticeable along with a comfortable and sure-grip design.

Breathable velvet inner with foam padding provides utter comfort, whereas sunny laser leather offers high strength to your feet.

Write your own stories and enjoy a snuggly and relaxing ride.

Our skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.



Color: Pink

Style: Flash Wheel

Upper material: Laser leather

Liner material: Breathable Velvet With Foam Padding

Wheel material: PU Wheel

Wheel diameter: 54*32mm

Bearing material: ABEC-7

Baseplate material: High Strength PP Baseplate

Brake stopper material: PU Brake

Cushion material: PVC Cushion

Applicable people: Male & Female & Children

Weight 3 kg

Skates With Flash Wheels


Mens 1 | Womens 2.5 | EU 32 | 205mm, Mens 2 | Womens 3.5 | EU 33 | 210mm, Mens 3 | Womens 4.5 | EU 34 | 220mm, Mens 4.5 | Womens 5 | EU 35 | 225mm, Mens 5 | Womens 5.5 | EU 36 | 230mm, Mens 5.5 | Womens 6.5 | EU 37 | 235mm, Mens 6 | Womens 7 | EU 38 | 240mm, Mens 6.5 | Womens 8 | EU 39 | 245mm, Mens 7 | Womens 8.5 | EU 40 | 250mm, Mens 7.5 | Womens 9.5 | EU 41 | 255mm, Mens 8 | Womens 10 | EU 42 | 260mm

4 reviews for SUNNYSKATE Pink-Blue Laser Leather Roller Skates

  1. Cindy

    There is alot of value for what you’re buying with these skates. The boot and trucks of the skates seem to be of good quality, however the boot is made of vinyl or something similar, also the eyelets for the laces arent the best. I found out in other reviews that the wheels and bearings aren’t the best, so upon ordering the skates I also ordered new wheels and bearings. After a few laps with the original wheels and bearings i found that this was an excellent call, because both are very cheap and i can see them wearing out extremely quickly. Overall, though, these are perfect for a hobbyist. I would however spend more money on some more wheels and bearings.

  2. Diva

    New to skating!I’m so excited to try this new hobby. I’m excited to see how they wear with a novice.Excellent Service, everything was perfect.

  3. Sunshine Chantal Parkman

    My skates are absolutely beautiful. I’m highly satisfied with my purchase.

  4. F

    To say that she loves them is probably an understatement! She LOVES them! They were true to size. They came a day early from the earliest date. They were definitely worth the wait. She wears an 8, and got an 8. She says they fit perfectly!

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