SUNNYSKATE Flying Heart Rainbow Leather Laser Roller Skates

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Design concept:

You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you can. Like with this adorable pair of roller skates that are equal parts attractive, cute and comfortable.

SUNNYSKATE flying heart rainbow leather laser from rainbow series offers rhythmic and even rides around the park.

The dazzling glossy finish and beautiful printing give a perfect look and everyone notices each move when you hit the skating rink.

Undoubtedly, skating with this beauty will feel you like you are flying in the air and when the sun hits them the glitter sparkles so perfectly.

Our skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.



Color: Rainbow

Style: Unflash Wheel

Upper material: Laser Leather With Printing

Liner material: Breathable Velvet With Foam Padding

Wheel material: PU Wheel

Wheel diameter: 54*32mm

Bearing material: ABEC-5

Baseplate material: High Strength PP Baseplate

Brake stopper material: PVC Brake

Cushion material: PVC Cushion

Applicable people: Male & Female & Children

Weight 3 kg

Skates With Unflash Wheels


Mens 1 | Womens 2.5 | EU 32 | 205mm, Mens 2 | Womens 3.5 | EU 33 | 210mm, Mens 3 | Womens 4.5 | EU 34 | 220mm, Mens 4.5 | Womens 5 | EU 35 | 225mm, Mens 5 | Womens 5.5 | EU 36 | 230mm, Mens 5.5 | Womens 6.5 | EU 37 | 235mm, Mens 6 | Womens 7 | EU 38 | 240mm, Mens 6.5 | Womens 8 | EU 39 | 245mm, Mens 7 | Womens 8.5 | EU 40 | 250mm, Mens 7.5 | Womens 9.5 | EU 41 | 255mm, Mens 8 | Womens 10 | EU 42 | 260mm

2 reviews for SUNNYSKATE Flying Heart Rainbow Leather Laser Roller Skates

  1. Hannah Wolf

    These skates are BEAUTIFUL. They come in amazing packaging. I’ve been out on them a few times and have had no issue with them. Wheels are nice and gummy so I don’t trip over every rock and crack. For sizing I got an 8.5 but I could have gone down a half or full size. But I bought inserts and derby laces for them and they are perfect. ALSO buy a tool at the same time so when you get your skates you can adjust the wheels and trucks to your liking. Get them while you can!!!

  2. melieyre

    I love these skates so much!! Just got them today and spent 3 hours on them! !

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