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Design concept:

From SunnySkate’s renowned Rainbow Series, this pair is built with top notch quality parts that go from the wheels to material.

An absolute stunner just by judging it visually and it glides so smooth that you literally feel like you’re skating with the clouds.

Its comfort is unrivaled as it is made of high-end vegan leather and with durable foam liner, and its soft rubber wheels help beginners to pick up quickly.

With a pair of such gorgeous colorful roller skates, Time to ride with the clouds as the Rainbow did.


Fabric: PVC leather + gradient

Inside: Purple velvet inside

Outsole: Woodgrain painted PVC outsole.

Base & support: Aluminum/aluminum color.

Shock absorber: White PU material (solid sample is PVC material)

Wheel: PU perfusion 58 * 32MM/ purple fully transparent + Glitter.

Bearing: ABEC-5 carbon steel

Brake head: Purple full transparent + Glitter. PU brake head.

Shoelaces: Flat rainbow

24 reviews for Rainbow Wane Rollerskates


    My daughter loves these skates. They are cute, comfortable, and fun.

  2. Sharry B

    Absolutely Fabulous skates. I’m now 50, 37 yrs since on skates and I felt as free as I was at 13.
    Great quality wheels & beautiful suede boots that fit my size perfectly.

  3. Amber Hines

    I bought these for my daughter. She is 10 years old and these fit true to size and she loves them. She said that they are really comfortable and durable. She skates in them several times a week and she’d give them more than a 5 star review if she could.

  4. Anne

    I was skeptical but now I’m in love with my order!At first I was skeptical ordering because of the reviews but I was determined to have the skates I ordered. I was in touch with Layla from their email listed on their website. She assured me they are a legit company in Hong Kong 🇭🇰. Within 14 days after processing order and shipping, it has arrived in perfect condition with DHL shipping to Hawaii. I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase. I look forward to ordering more and finding a way to help grow this company in the US. I appreciate their patience and concerns that I had. I was able to track my order every day.

  5. Ane Marie

    My daughter loves these skates and gets compliments on them all the time.

  6. Candace

    They are comfortable and are really good for an indoor rink. Color is pretty!!

  7. Shelia Wallace

    First pair of skates in 30 years! They are ok with comfort, but the laces loosen fairly quickly. Could be I am not properly tying them, it has been a while. Great for the price and second time beginner.

  8. Sally

    This is really the most frightening purchase I have ever made. I bought rainbow gradient roller skates on sunnyskate in early April. At that time, I waited for 2 weeks without tracking the tracking number. I even thought it was a scam website. So I went to instagram to find the customer service, their service attitude is very good, and carefully answered all my confusion. They said that the sales of roller skates have been very good recently, so after I place an order, my roller skates need to be made. So I need to wait for a certain amount of time. And I have received it now! ! I really love them! !

  9. Marta Perez

    The skates are fantastic! Got them yesterday and took them out around the neighborhood today. They ride smooth on pavement (watch out for rocks). I have zero complaints about these. I wear a size 9 shoe and got a size 9 skate and they couldn’t fit any better.
    I’m reliving my youth. Getting some fresh air and exercise. Fun times!

  10. Ashley

    I’m a novice roller skater, not an expert. Also, I’ve been skating for less than a week.
    These Skates go above and beyond for the price point and hello, one-day shipping!
    This boot is super soft, comfortable, and flexible. I can’t speak on durability yet. As a person with long legs, flexibility in the ankle means being able to bend the legs easily AND keep the torso in an upright position rather than heavily leaning forward. It feels safer to me. But if you want maximum stability or you prefer the skatepark I think a more stiff boot is generally recommended.

  11. Ashley

    Great quality and I love how they fit and feel. Wheels are nice and round and glide smoothly. I hope they start making other colors and designs because I would buy a few more.

  12. Lisa S

    I ordered these for my about to be 16-year-old daughter, as she likes to go roller skating every weekend and wanted a nice pair. We decided it was worth it to spend a little more since she would be using them so often. We could not be happier with this pair. They are a beautiful suede, the color is perfect, and the little floral detail at the heel is really different and special. From a comfort perspective, she said she has had zero problems with them and really loves to wear them. The wheels showed up a little tight, but I think that is 100% normal and was easy enough for the staff at the rink to fix. It was a little odd that they didn’t come with a key to do that yourself, but I’m not knocking any stars over it. Perfect purchase.

  13. Cowgirl

    Really good skates! I use mine to ride by the beach and they handle sand/ a little water without any issues. Definitely recommend these for a beginner.

  14. Sonni Ray

    I love these skates, I had to reorder because the first pair I received was too big. I typically wear a 8 1/2-9, and ordered a 9, way too big. Got an 8 and they fit perfectly!

  15. Breanna M.

    Great skate. Great product for the price. But I ordered a 9 but the skate feel more like an 8 or an 8 1/2. So I had to order another pair. A size 10 feel great on my feet. So I guess they run a little small. Depending on what your feet can handle. But overall great skates for the price.

  16. Mary

    Feels great, having your own pair of skates! The kids love them and there were no complaints of them being uncomfortable or hurt feet/ankles after 4 hours of use. Stylish and comfortable.

  17. Ms. Jen

    Wow! These are super cute. I put them on and skated in my basement. The wheels were a little stiff for the first few minutes and then warmed up beautifully. They are much better than the ones I was renting at the roller rink. These are perfect skates, and I highly recommend them!!!

  18. Morris

    Love my new skates. True to size and feel good on my feet. Took exactly two weeks to receive. Highly recommend it if you are coming back to skating. I ordered the pink w/clear wheels. They are awesome!!

  19. Kristin Richardson

    My daughter loves these roller skates. They look very expensive and very high quality.

  20. Astom

    Superb customer service!!! Very professional!! Highly recommend!!

  21. Julie Gleason

    My daughter is picky when it comes to how shoes fit so I was worried but these skates fit perfectly! Wheels felt a little cheap and plastic but maybe they needed to be broken in..may need to order better whells!

  22. A. Moreno

    Size is exactly spot on. You do not need to orser up. Very comfortable. Hands down one of the best pair of roller skates I have ever had.

  23. omgitsolive

    Haven’t had a chance to skate to much to write a full review but they look Fabulous very nice 👍🏼 and tried on fits nicely skating breaking them in In two weeks skate birthday party so I’ll update then!!!

  24. Erica Cross

    I like the colors of the wheels and the way they fit my feet but I think there should be some cushion in these roller skates.

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