SUNNYSKATE Pink Microfiber Reinforced Leather Roller Skates




Design concept:

For sweetie pies, SUNNYSKATE light pink fancy leather beauty offers smooth rides as marshmallows are melting in your mouth.

SUNNYSKATE light pink skates are more than capable of handling the rough pavement you’ll encounter skating outdoors.

The suede boots “feel so comfortable as soon as you put your foot into them. It has a blend of lilac-hued, glossy pink color with color quad wheels that incorporate fantasy and you look glamorous.

Marvelous crafted SUNNYSKATE offers stability and comfort at a time. No one can challenge you.

Our skates are made from high-quality components, so you can feel good skating the streets or rink with your skate squad.


Color: Pink

Style: Unflash Wheel & Flash Wheel

Upper material: Microfiber reinforced leather

Liner material: High elastic pearl cotton

Wheel material: High elasticity transparent PU wheel

Wheel diameter: 58*32mm

Wheel hardness: 82A

Bearing material:  ABEC 7 bearings

Baseplate material: Plastic steel

Brake stopper material: Tendon wear-resistant brake

Applicable people: Male & Female

4 reviews for SUNNYSKATE Pink Microfiber Reinforced Leather Roller Skates

  1. SLWilson

    I love the skates! They are absolutely beautiful and come well packaged! To top things off, very fast delivery, I got them much sooner than I thought. They do run slightly bigger as some buyers had already mentioned but all it took for me to resolve this issue was stuff I would have done regardless, wear socks and fasten my shoelaces. Cannot wait to take a ride in them and cause traffic by not only my skills but stylish skates!

  2. Cassandra

    I love them. They are comfy, fit great and are smooth! Only complaint, they didn’t even include a cheap skate key so I had to buy one. They are very easy to adjust to your liking. Fun to get back on skates after so many years.
    A 61 yr old grandma.

  3. Desiree

    These skates are BEAUTIFUL. They come in amazing packaging. I’ve been out on them a few times and have had no issue with them. Wheels are nice and gummy so I don’t trip over every rock and crack. For sizing I got an 8.5 but I could have gone down a half or full size. But I bought inserts and derby laces for them and they are perfect. ALSO buy a tool at the same time so when you get your skates you can adjust the wheels and trucks to your liking. Get them while you can!!!

  4. jh

    Loved these! The packaging is perfect. I love the storage box as well. Great quality skates! They also came much faster than expected. The sizes run very big! I’m only sad the skates are so big on me and it’s too late to exchange them. I’m so in love with them that I’m skating anyway.

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