Diamanté Butterfly Rollerskates


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Design concept:

Roller skating is definitely fun, but painting the purple and pink sequences on the ice is a whole new level of excitement.

SunnySkate Butterfly Rainbow Sequin Roller Skates offers stylish high-top ankle boots that ensure cruise and turn like a breeze.

There is no doubt that when you are skating outdoors, you need to keep stopping because people at every step will ask about your skates.

Featuring soft rainbow sequins reversible materials and glitter, it provides a smooth ride and great grip when skating with a team.

Our skates are made of quality parts, so you can feel good when skating on the street or with your skating team.



Fabric: Rainbow gold flake + Purple Glitter PVC leather

Inside: Purple velvet inside

Outsole: Purple PVC

White base & pink support: High strength PP

Shock pad: PVC

Wheel: PVC shot 54 * 32MM/ pink + Glitter/purple + Glitter

Bearing: 608 ZB

Brake head: Purple PVC brake head.

Shoelaces: Flat rainbow.

3 reviews for Diamanté Butterfly Rollerskates

  1. Madame D

    Haven’t skated in over 15 years and I’m 65 but these sturdy and comfortable (with a thicker tall sock) skates brought me right back to decent skating ability to join my 4 year old granddaughter. We have only been skating at home on a crack laden patio but given the opportunity to skate in a rink in the hopefully near future, we should be just fine. A good value for the money.And it’s shipping fast, faster than expected.

  2. Monkeyy

    Like it!
    I absolutely love these. I’m a casual skater now, no more roller derby and whatnot, so these are better suited to my needs than any crazy expensive pair. They’re really comfortable, true to size, and REALLY SERIOUSLY FOR REAL ANKLE SUPPORT which is a HUGE deal for me as my ankle has been broken twice and it has a tendency to just give out sometimes…which isn’t exactly fantastic when you’re zipping around on wheels and potentially about to mow down a little kid or small animal or whatever. I’m going to replace the wheels as I prefer something with a bit smoother of a ride over concrete. For the money, you’re not going to find a better skate. They also look really nice, if vanity is a thing for you like it is for me. I’m a fan.

  3. Mackenzie

    Wow these skates are amazing- best roller skates ever. Really great quality and they do not feel stiff at all!! They look really great! I really recommend them! I have really been looking forward to getting them and I am thrilled they came in the mail today! Most of all, I love the pearl color and they even have flip sequence. I have looked at quite a lot of Roller skates online and I finally got them! They feel sturdy and they are easy to move in! If you want a pair that catches peoples attention, I definitely recommend these!

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