Different Types of Quad Skates

Sneak Peek: Since the Summer is around, nothing can beat quad roller skates as the perfect gift for a speed lover! Whether adult or young, who does not love four-wheel roller skates to roll, groove, or stunt. If you plan to excite your closer ones with roller skates, then initially understand the type of adult quad skates as per their skating style as quad skates come in different variety to accommodate every skater! This detailed article is here to rescue you from the hassle!


When it comes to skating, different people consider several options as per their likings and preferences. Mostly young generation and speed lovers consider inline rollerblading or inline skates for thrilling adventures. In contrast, people who skate for fun or learning opts for quad skates.

Champions and sporty people love to opt for inline roller skating; however, individuals at beginner skating levels are recommended for quad skates. Learners and people who love classical skating experiences, grooving and dancing on beats, and learning the basics of skating opt for quad skates for better experiences.

Inline skates: These are the skate type, which constitutes three to six pairs of wheels arranged in a line on the skate plate while rolling.

Quad skates: Reckoned from its name, have four wheels arranged parallel to one another on the skate boot or plate. It is usually referred to as beginners first to learn balance, maneuverability, and speed control.  Moreover, quad skates are perfect for carrying out more recreational activities by kids and even adults.

Quad skates might seem a beginner thing but who loves this classical skating version also knows that you get a wide range of outdoor quad skates and indoor quad skates for several types of tasks.  You can also witness speed skating with quad speed skates and shuffling experience with men quad skates for break dancing.

If you are new to Quad skating, find out more about its different types and purposes to experience an entertaining skating experience!


Different Types of Quad Skates

Mainly Quad skates have four wheels arranged in a parallel manner; however, they are classified into sub-categories as per their functionality and boot cuts. Here are five types of most demanded quad kick roller skates to check out!


  • Speed Skates

Though inline skates might be the new sensation for rollerblading, no one can beat the class of classical quad skates. Like the famous Adidas or Nike running shoes, quad skates also have their own specific “Speed Skates” type. The speed quad skates are specially designed to create speed and increase the skaters’ rollerblading experience.

The quad speed skates have an option of “close to foot fit shoe,” which gives a similar vibe like any other regular standard shoe comparatively to different skate boot types. Speed skates are specifically designed to optimize the skater’s speed with features that help maintain the balance of the skater while riding fast and smooth. These skates are designed with less padding and lightweight material for plates, optimizing the skate’s speed to maximum. Collectively these features ensure that the skate’s wheel roll over massive distances smoothly and faster.

With every feature to maximize the quad speed skates’ pace, the boots are exceptionally crafted with low cut beneath the ankle bone. It allows the skater to skate speedily, having more room for quick movements, increased flexibility, and accessibility. This feature in quad speed skates, maneuverability becomes handier and easier.

  • Jam Skates

Sounds like Jamming, dancing, or music? Well, Jam skates are another most demanded type of quad skates. These skates are designed and ergonomically crafted, having low-cut from ankle bone to provide maximum room for adequate movement and motion. The purpose of keeping the low cut serves the skater to exhibit his expert footwork skills. This particular feature allows the skaters to move them feet freely and effortlessly during jam skating.  Thus, jam skating is much more fun and effortless than the rest of the quad skating styles.

When it comes to comparing jam skates with speed quad skates, the distinctive difference lies within the positioning of the skater’s toe. Mostly Speed quad skates are manufactured with speed stoppers, which might become an obstacle while skating faster and performing any jamming stunts. On the other hand, jam skates are designed more effortlessly to move, turn, or roll without obstacles.

Most of the time, jam skates are designed with a toe plug. Being a skater, you can customize your jam skate’s toe plug with a wide range of colors as per your mood and preferences.

  • Roller Derby Skates

If you are a sports freak and look for thrilling speedy adventures, then Roller Derby skates are the perfect choice you should opt for! Derby skates are specially designed to provide the skater an unmatched and unbelievable quick wheeling sports activity experience. These adjustable quad skates prove to be the most action-packed quad skate type, providing perfect entertainment by having fast and rough experiences.  As mostly during roller derby skating, the skaters and the skate have to go through fierce yet thrilling adventures.

The Derby quad roller skates are much more fun and thrilling than jam skates. Usually, jam and derby quad skates share uncanny resemblance when it comes to similarity. However, the roller derby ones are designed and created with more padding to increase the skater’s protection level from the impact in case of high speeding or skating activities on track.

Moreover, the Derby quad skates have an extra feature of a unique Velcro strap. The strap looks extravagant and works more efficiently than the traditional laces designs. The belt ensures the skater’s safety by providing a secure fit and correctly locked foot during skating.

  • Artistic Skates

With distinct and clear meaning from the name, Artistic skates are often related to ice skating or figure skating. If you love either one of these two skating styles, you can easily understand what artistic skating is all about. Artistic skates are designed in classically old-fashioned silhouette style. The same kind comes to the skater’s mind when you think of the classical version of roller skates.

Artistic quad skates have high cut from the ankle bone, which provides the skaters with excellent ankle support and smooth skating experience. Compared to low cut quad skates, the artistic high cut boots offer a firm grip for the skater’s ankle, which helps them perform spin and jumps in a more controlled way.

An artistic quad roller skates are crafted with high heels, which is not often witnessed in other quad skates. The high heels in artistic quad skates feature to distribute the skater’s weight on the front plate to experience increased control and agility. Such unique features and options tend to contribute as the essential qualities of the artistic quad skate.

  • Rhythm Skates

Familiar with its name, rhythm skating is all about spinning, rolling, moving, and grooving. The rhythm skates share an eerie resemblance with artistic skates as both the skate types are primarily used for dancing and grooving purposes. It is the most fun and amusing skating types comparatively to jam skating, reserved only for breakdance purposes. However, rhythm skates are a more classical version, classical and old school type of skating, including shuffles, music, rhythm, and movements on the flow.

The rhythm quad skates are designed so that all the wheel remains firmly on the ground with the same and well-positioned. It features maximum support to the skater in maintaining the skater’s balance while rolling, grooving, dancing, and bouncing expertly on the music or beat.

Wrap Up!

In the world of fast movers and experts, if you are a beginner or tend to live your life and enjoy every moment, then you know the worth of quad skates. For beginners and classic skating lovers, quad skates might be old school but still more valuable than fast-paced inline rollerblades.

Where rollerblades give adults and champion the chance to cover huge distances or modern art forms in professional styles, quad skates, on the other hand, are more suitable and valuable for beginners and people who wish to enjoy skating sport.

Now that you are well aware that quad skate does not only come as a four-wheel pair skate; instead, it has different types. You can choose the type of quad skates as per your preferences, moods, needs, and skating style. From speeding to dancing or jumping, quad skates are available wide to make a perfect decision while buying a skate.

Anyhow if you are still confused about getting your hand on any type of quad skates, we are here to help you with this overwhelmed task. You can purchase any quad skates from www.sunnyskate.com with hassle-free ordering and premium customer service. You can choose the perfect option with our detailed guide chart with every product to become more comfortable for your order.

Stop worrying now and get your hand on perfect quad skates right away!

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